Bosch PFZ 500 E All Purpose Saw Review Review

Bosch PFZ 500 E All Purpose Saw image 1Bosch PFZ 500 E All Purpose Saw — So Powerful it Cuts Through Every Material
Sawing utilized to take a great deal of initiative, today, with this innovative saw from Bosch, it’s a less complicated task than you could picture. Whether timber, metal or plastic, the Bosh All Function saw cuts through items quickly, exactly and comfortably. With its effective high-performance motor as well as long saw blade stroke, it functions its way via the product easily. Regardless of whether you want to reduce slats to lengths, saw branches, plastic or steel pies, the PFZ 500 E finishes the job rapidly. When functioning, the efficient resonance damping with counterbalanced system, unrivalled in its course, makes certain that work fits and much less exhausting.

The PFZ 500 E All Function Saw has an effective 500 watt motor as well as a stroke length of 23 mm, which makes sure an over 40% faster sawing progress than other tools in its class on a minimum level of sound.
– Trimming depth in wood: 150 mm
– Cutting depth in metal: 10 mm
– Trimming depth in plastic pipe: 150 mm size

Bosch SDS System
The Bosch PFZ 500 E All Purpose Saw SDS System streamlines the procedure of switching between different applications. The system allows fast as well as simple tool-free saw blade changes at the slide of a switch.

Digital Trigger and also Stroke Scale Rate
The Bosch Electronic Speed Trigger allows the user to vary the stroke rate for a continuously variable speed from 0 to 2,700 strokes each minute. It works like the accelerator pedal in an automobile. Beginning the device carefully and also increase the speed/stroke rate by merely boosting the stress on the trigger. The stroke price depends on the product and is to be determined by a functional trial. A lower stroke rate is necessary for cutting some products such as plastic and steel.

Counter Equilibrium System (Low Resonance).
Reduced vibration working is achieved many thanks to an incorporated counterbalance device. A counterbalance weight inside the device is driven in the other instructions to that of the blade to minimize the vibrations.

Easy To Make Use Of as well as Compact.
The Bosch PFZ 500 E is recently developed for even higher usability. The Bosch PFZ 500 E All Purpose Saw is both small as well as light, considering in at only 2 kg. The tool features an integrated hand guard and also Bosch Softgrip for secure and hassle-free working. The gripping surface, affixed on the top side of the equipment, lowers the danger of blowing up of the maker as well as increases individual convenience. At the same time, the rubber finish achieves a vibration-absorbing impact.

Safety and security.
To prevent the saw from being turned on unintentionally, as an example when picking it up, an incorporated safety switch lock release switches are provided. Both right- and also left-handed users will certainly discover a conveniently situated safety button that has to be pushed prior to the trigger can be pressed to start the maker. The Bosch PFZ All Purpose Saw additionally showcases an incorporated hand guard located just above the saw blade for secure and hassle-free working.

Box Has.
– 1 x Bosch PFZ 500 E basic purpose saw.
– 1 x saw blade M 1142 H – timber.
– 1 x saw blade M 3456 XF – timber and also steel.
– 1 x user’s manual.
– 1 x plastic bring case.

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  • Suitable for sawing tasks including cutting boards, metal and plastic pipes
  • Versatile multi-saw that can also be used outdoors to cut back thick branches
  • Powerful 500 W motor, 23 mm stroke length, cutting depth – steel 10 mm/wood 150 mm, SDS blade change for quick and easy blade changing
  • Low vibration and hand protection guard for safety when sawing
  • Comes in a carrying case with two blades (wood and metal)

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